Mar. 21st, 2010

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You know how I said that I've gotten so used to working behind the scenes that I have difficulty experiencing it as an attendee? Today's con pretty much affirmed that.

I was helping out with cosplay rego at Armageddon Sydney, to help out a friend. I'm so glad I had free entry because it was very meh~
The layout was kind of shocking. Not the greatest use of space. Especially the stage. That was super fail. The audience was seated upon the stage in the amphitheatre and were in full view of the hall. Which was kind of scary for shy people and a bit pointless seeing as the speakers were facing the hall so everyone on the stage couldn't hear very much. Not the best for panels really.

Because there was no projector or sound system set up (other than a few mics), there was no point for slides or any of the other usual preparations that you would normally go through. There was also no printer. The lovely task of handwriting runsheets and processing applications manually was left to me >_<

There were some vendors there but it wasn't really much to look at. The event in general was under-promoted and to be honest, they should have waited to do the full shebang instead of a "taster" event. I think many, the cosplayers especially, would hesitate to come back next year. I kind of hate to say it but it was perhaps one of, if not THE MOST dissatisfying con I have ever attended. Dates are already announced for 2011, Febuary 26/27th. I guess it's wait and see if they improve their game for next year.

I guess the day did have a few pluses. I got to meet people I usually only see at cons. I was sharply reminded of the frustration a volunteer would experience, which is handy considering what I'm doing which is why a certain con should hopefully have the best volunteer program ever and I got to fully test my water brush pen. Note to self: Mostly use vibrant ink colours. Lights and pastels don't work all that well.

I think I'll cheer myself up with a movie tomorrow.


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