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Sharing something that I'm currently working on mostly while commuting by train.

I'm always a sucker for a meme....

Comment here saying you want to play. I will find seven things off of your profile and you have to post in your journal with why you are interested in them. At that time, I will comment and squee. And possibly also participate in the fun by having you choose seven of my interests. We will go round and round and round.

So [personal profile] noxie gave me the following...

alan rickman. What's not to like? I think I've been a fan of his films since hich school. He always gets cast with acerbic, sardonic characters.

baking. I don't deny that I have a sweet tooth. While I'm not a huge fan of icings or cream fillings, I enjoy the smell of fresh bread or the smell of sweets coming out of the oven. Unfortunately, my oven isn't working at present, but I'm discovering the interesting albeit limited range of microwave baking.

embroidery. While I'm still relatively new to embroidery. I really enjoy the creative and technical aspect behind embroidery. While I still have far to go and couldn't put names to the stitches I already know, there's something wonderful to the intricate stitchwork.

karaoke. I've always had the habit of singing along to the radio. While I'm usually the last to actually get up and sing (I think I'm tone deaf), I very much enjoy the atmosphere at karaoke and singing along with others.

merlin. My interest in Merlin is part of a cultural fascination with magic and mythology. I find all his incarnation's interesting. From Sam Neill's portrayal of him in the miniseries to the um...rampant ghey that is the BBC's version XD

mythology. Mythology was something that I could set aside and come back to when the mood struck me. It was interesting to see how much the culture and beliefs were intertwined and transposed as myth or history. The ones that interest me most are the Roman, Greek and Egyptian myths and legends. I'm also a fan of Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.

sewing. As a little girl, one of my favourite things to do was to watch my mother sew. I think my first project was to sew a handkerchief on my mother's massive industrial machine. After that, I've taken time to learn by watching.
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