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So went to watch Wolverine with [personal profile] arccie on Tuesday.

Overall, felt it was so-so. The CG was fairly painful in some places, particularly so after having watched Star Trek last week. That movie pretty much owns. We should have swapped the movie order. While there's not much plot and it really screws around with parts of X-men canon, the best parts had to be Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. I really enjoyed their performances.

The backstory of when they were children was a little iffy in my mind but I do have to say, I enjoyed the cutscenes of the opening and how you could see Victor progressively embrace his animal side. I literally squeed when I saw Dominic Monaghan. I confess to having a bit of a LoTR moment. There was Dom and there was what looked liked the mountain and waterfall scenery that was very reminiscent from the LoTR trilogy. Ryan Reynolds as Wade was very very shiny. Very much love him in the beginning.

I cringed at the tale of the wolverine and the moon. Honestly, could it get any more soul-sappingly cheesy? Was fairly unnecessary in my opinion, but it became a recurring point throughout the whole movie. The bit in the boxing ring was also a little iffy. The nude dive from the waterfall had me in fits though. For some reason I found it hilarious. Although I felt sorry for the nice old couple who were killed by Agent Zero just after they gave Logan the awesome jacket.

Part of the excitement in seeing this movie was Gambit. The Cajun didn't quite live to my expectations. His accent wasn't really there. There was some nice antagonistic camaraderie between Remy and Logan but his character didn't really fit my mind's view of him. Had a little giggle at the boomstick though XD

The ending cracked me up a little. The CG background when Xavier comes and rescues the children was so badly rendered and Xavier looked so out of place. Was sort of digging the Victor/Logan team up when they were fighting Deadpool. Though the bit with Deadpool's head shooting Cyclop's laser eyes while whirling down the turbine after his head was decapitated was so so silly. The whole lets-shoot-adamantium-bullets-into-his-brain-and-cause-memory-loss was a bit thin also.

So end result, fairly enjoyable. However, for the time being, Star Trek has spoiled me for other movies.
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