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I haven't written any poetry for at least three years, so it was a bit of a surprise.
Wrote it to enter the lovely [ profile] otterdance's signed bookmark competition. I couldn't resist when I saw the words "Be imaginative." XD

I tend to do fan poems a certain way. This has some similarities to the one I wrote for Bridge to Terabithia (awesome book BTW), although with the 250 max word count, I couldn't quite do it justice like the one I did for Terabithia. Maybe I'll work on that later to get back into a poet's frame of mind.


When a young wee lass of three and ten,
Visited the library to improve her diction.
She found a book hidden on the bottom shelf,
Then escaped into a world of pure fiction.

Druids, wizards, royalty and spies,
Magic and mayhem ensued.
A young boy finding his calling in life,
And a heritage he never knew.

With help from his intriguing new friends,
He learned the way of the night.
“Luck in the Shadows”, they said.
All shades of darkness and light.

But the Stalking Darkness did return,
This time with a vengeance.
The young hero taken in a moment’s confusion,
In one brief moment of negligence.

Friends reunite on enemy soil.
Two found and two lost in one breath.
One and one, then became two.
Reclaiming the other from living death.

Together they healed, in a place sight unseen.
Travelling to distant shores, on a boon.
Wandered the lands of dragons and ‘Faie.
Only to fall foul of a Traitor’s Moon.

When the Shadows Return, they are caught and bound.
Parted against their will.
A child born from no woman appears.
It’s song beautiful and shrill.

Now their tale continues in The White Road.
Their story prevailing through the years.
To celebrate, a bookmark is offered to eager fans,
But this poet has but one fear.

Should her entreaty miraculously succeed
In gaining this piece of memorabilia.
Would Ms Flewelling and the Powers That Be
Be willing to send it to Australia?


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