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So... what do these three have in common?

SMASH! is very pleased to announce a first for SMASH! A first for Australia. A very special guest:

A seiyuu.

Yes. That's right, a seiyuu.

SMASH! is very pleased to announce our special guest for SMASH! 2008!

Hidenobu Kiuchi!

SMASH! 2008 is going to have the very first Japanese Voice Actor to make an appearance at an Australian Convention!

Kiuchi is a talented seiyuu who is well known for his role as Oshitari Yuushi from Prince of Tennis, and more recently, Ryohei Sasagawa in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. He has also starred in a number of leading roles including, but not limited to, Kenzo Tenma (Monster), Ren Honjo (Nana), Hei (Darker than Black), Ryuuren Ran (Saiunkoku Monogatari), José (Gunslinger Girls) - and his credits also include Rurouni Kenshin, Death Note, Pokemon, Hunter x Hunter and many more!

And the best news of all - this won't affect your hip pocket, with prices still $10 for pre-registration and $15 at the door.


I guess everyone might be able to tell how giddy I am over this ( ^___________________^ )
The problem I now have is trying to concentrate on uni.

Ooh...and people, fanfic comp
Just have a go, word limit isn't too high and we have Borders gift vouchers for prizes.
Unfortunately only entries from Australia and New Zealand are eligible.


Jun. 21st, 2007 01:46 pm
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I've been catching up on stuff I haven't watched for a while cause of rabid studying and what not.

But OMG *squee*
Neji!!!! I forgive you for your odd taste in clothing.

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Caught up on some Gintama episodes today in between doing the laundry. I'm still woefully behind what's available but a bit is better than none.

( O_O ) Oh goodness, ♥♥♥ the series to death. Sougo is priceless in it and I honestly can't help but love Hijikata's complex. The ep where the Shinsengumi are being filmed was hilarious. I almost missed what Sougo was doing when they were restraining Hijikata. Strangulation is a funny thing to be laughing at, isn't it?

Now has the strange urge to cosplay as Space Captain Katsura or as a random Shinpachi or a member of the Shinsengumi, maybe Yamazaki.

*gets bricked*


Feb. 17th, 2007 08:09 am
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Forgive me this one bit of Sasuke fangirling.
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It's been an interesting day today.

I was re-reading Disgaea on the way to work when the guy across from me struck up a conversation about anime and manga. I was kind of surprised considering that the bulk of anime fans seems to come from other areas.

We talked about more classic anime like Evangelion, Hellsing, and all the retro stuff. My closet-retro-fan came out and we started a discussion on Robotech, from Macross to the Valkyries to New Generation. The guy was a Minmei fan so I didn't say too much on that subject, since everytime she appears she's either crying or being sappy over Rick (OK, realistically she didn't do that everytime, but meh the series could have done without her inclusion in the plot, really).

So I got home from work not long ago and guess what was in the mail?

CAST PRIX 3!!!!!

OMG, I love this serialisation! This volume had lots of really pretty shiny awesome stuff. I wish I had my scanner up but had to settle for photos.

* This month's pinup is Takuya in a tux. Waiiii!

* There's a whopping 24 pages on AirGear Myu. I love the prettiness of it although am wondering where Akito/Agito's straightjacket is. I love the individual and duo shots of Kenken, KENN, Kaji and Syugo. Wheee...TsudaKen as Spitfire...I wonder if he'll wear a red wig? Sleeping Forest doesn't make an appearance nor does Simca so it looks to be an all-male cast. And it looks like those promo pics on the cast list on the website are of an opposing team as yet unnamed.

* I love the D-Boys photocomic. Dorks they are. This month has Kaji, Zukki, Araki and Setomaru in the park playing soccer. Included are the brand new soccer ball, Zukki's ball skills, Kaji's new friend, Araki's shiny hair and Seto's pout.

* There's stuff for the second Death Note movie. Really cool promo pics. Rem looks really awesome and Misa's eyes glow when she uses them.

* There's stuff on the Jigoku Shoujo live action series and the Nana 2 movie. Kazuki appears again in another article with Tomohisa Yuge. More KenKen. Takeru Satou appears in a rather festive article.

* And one of the best sections. The novel collaboration with Takuya. This month is for Christmas and features Takuya in a tux. There are some really good photos.

Preview pics )

Bleach 98

Nov. 20th, 2006 01:35 pm
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Took some time out from studying and gave in and watched Bleach 98.

On the episode itself, the fight between Zaraki and Ichinose was not all that interesting. Ichinose really knows how to beat single-minded obsession to death. He's almost as bad as Tousen was. This episode was not entirely lost. You get to see Yachiru as bit more of her own entity instead of as an extension or other half to Zaraki. It's only brief but nice to see.



The filler story is about to end! Not that it wasn't enjoyable since it had actual plot compared to another series filler. Well, we all knew it was going to happen but there's a new OP and ED. Whee..... the animation for the OP and ED themes are nothing to write about but in the OP there's a flash of Aizen...smexy Aizen, and Gin hugging/strangling Rangiku from behind but you can't see his eyes. I swear the fascination I have with Gin has to be his smirk.

I've always adored Hitsugaya but never really seen why the fandom is sometimes rabid about him other than he's a grumpy little squirt genius. But I've never wanted to pat him on the head as much as I did when I was watching the OP. The change in perspective puts everything Hitsugaya in a different light. Meh...logic is now out of the window.
The ED cracked me up so much. It's only flashing through characters so no sneak previews or anything like that. There's this one bit where the lyrics go "Baby, it's me." and it has Byakuya tilting/turning his head in time to the beat as he gazes at something afar. *cracks up laughing*
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So onto day 2 of Animania.

The pre-reg line was processed much quicker. I was in the hall by 9:55am.

Met up with Jess, Andy and Sam who were cosplaying Star Ocean EX this year. Woohoo! (They're the ones in the middle)

I started on my stalkage for photos. Unfortunately unlike Saturday there weren't many wandering about the vendor's hall. Pity that. Although it was by far much easier to get to the vendors this time. I was contemplating the Mezzo DSA collection when I remembered that I was going to pick up my order from Heise.

Picked it up then got lost strolling through Artists Alley again.

Damn ebbil artists!!!! *shakes fist* I bought more prints, bookmarks and keyrings.

Went to lunch. Was third in line for takoyaki. Yum! It tasted so much better than the ones at the Hinata. Note to self: drag [ profile] arccie soon. Also tried taiyaki, chocolate of course, although the seaweed bean was quite nice.

Went back in and caught the Madman panel. Woot! Trinity Blood manga to be released Febrary-ish 2007. Finally!
Then staked out my spot for the cosplay as I watched Duel Artist. God, I love this part. Gorgeous, slick art. The chicken one was awfully good.

Sunday's cosplay...Bonta-kun, Air Gear, Hard Gay...Oh MY!!! )

The dancekool performance was really great. Really effective and simply wonderful to watch. It was such a pity that wasn't scheduled for Saturday when there was a not only full but jampacked house.
Sunday overall, was much more laidback as compared to Saturday. There were a less people but it was such an easygoing day.

NOTE: They're totally amateurish but if anyone wants any photos in a higher res, let me know.

Animania 2006 Photos Day 2 Sunday
Resolution: 800x600
Archive: Zip
Download URL:
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Arrived at Town Hall at 10 am. The entrance was moved again this year so was initially hard to find. When in doubt follow the Ouran cosplayer. Walked down the queue to find the end. Exchanged a few words with Ian, an old co-worker, who was standing in the door sales line.
Eventually i got to the end of the line for pre-reg.

Mein gott!
The line went all down that street and wrapped around the corner at the end of the block.
It took me a whole hour of waiting in line before I got to the entrance.
From the entrance, they funnelled people towards the cloakroom then to the vendors hall. It was absolutely packed. There was a massive rush for the Tamarket and Madman stalls. It was virtually impossible to even get close.

It was considerably hot inside the vendors hall, something I didn't notice until I went upstairs. Dropped by [ profile] miyukiko's table to say hi, then went exploring to familiarise myself with the hall and the changes to this year's fest.

Stalked the Artist's Alley. Bought prints from my two favourite artists, Nadia and Heise. I hope Nadia finishes her One Piece calendar next year. Ordered a bunch of prints from Heise so that I could pick up the next day since I was too lazy to carry much. Dropped by Miyu's table later on to get her gorgeous Kurama and Kurapika. Got a bajillion badges and bookmarks....well maybe not a bajillion but a fair few.

Screenings weren't all that interesting this year, or were something I had already watched, so I went back down to the vendor's hall to stalk in search of cosplayers, since the lighting down there was much better.

Pheer my improved ninja photo skills. )

Stood gawking at the DDR for a while. I like watching DDR but was a wholly engrossed spectator this year. Someone got an AAA score.

Went to lunch. Tried the turkish bread thing. It was really nice. Also had okonomiyaki at the Hontou stall. Bought 2 boxes for the family at home. Bought a weekend's supply of green tea and ramune. My bag got quite heavy then. Going back inside, I staked a spot in the hall in prep for the cosplay later on and settled in for Duel Artist. As always, that was a lot of fun.

Cosplay this year, for lack of a word was AWESOME! The quality of the costumes, the skits, the amusement factor, etc, was simply excellent. I was a bit disappointed at the missing presence of Naruto cosplayers, cause I definitely thought there would be more this year considering the Australian release. Oh well.
The skits were excellent, one of my favourites being Kyouraku, Byakuya, and cameo appearances. "Why do you get the pink haori?"

I think Alphonse had to have been one of the best and 'authentic' as well. Using steel, apparently it's tin, he literally clanked on stage. Gundam Seed Destiny seems to be this year's 'it' thing. There were 3 Lacus Flyne's this year, one Meer and a whole bunch of other characters.. There was also an awesome catbus from My Neighbour Totoro. I was quite annoyed at the person who sat in front and beside me. The one in front kept on standing up to take photos and blocked not only my view but everyone else around. And the one beside me, kept jostling my arm everytime he adjusted his camera. This was really quite frustrating since some of the pictures I took became blurry. It didn't help that the stage had pretty harsh lighting. I'm sooo investing in an SLR next year. I would use my trusty manual but then I'd have to hire a darkroom, which I'm too lazy to do, and to be honest, I've forgotten what chemicals go where, etc. I suppose I could get it developed but that's too much effort as well....I wouldn't be control how I want it to look.
I'm really disappointed that I couldn't get a decent shot of Goki's Transformers outfit, the detailed Jin-Roh, the Tekken group (who pwn btw), the Ouran Host Club (awesome doesn't even begin to describe their skit), the lovely gorgeous Kamui and Fuuma, as well as the SWAT team/Columbian drug lord.

During the cosplay intermission, there was an Iaido demonstration, which was a bit lengthy but really interesting. But some of the comments from the audience around me were extremely inappropriate. People! Although, it's live steel, they have training and won't let go of the katana so don't start prophesising that the audience will die.

After the cosplay, I watched Animania Fusion before remembering that I had to go to Kinokuniya before they closed, to place an order for Cast Prix 2.

So endeth the first day.

Animania 2006 Photos Day 1 Saturday
Resolution: 800x600
Archive: Zip
Download URL:


Sep. 25th, 2006 02:43 pm
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...was surfing and came across a dubbed clip of tactics @Youtube
I honestly don't know what to say except I totally prefer the original. Although Haruka's VA is sounds familiar...someone in DN Angel perhaps? It seems that no matter what they do they can't get rid of Suzu's annoying voice. Then again, Suzu and annoying go hand in hand.

I finally got chance to some of the dub eps of Naruto. *is seriously disturbed*
Sakura, Anko and Kabuto's VAs are actually alright and Gaara's I could get used to...eventually... but OMG Kakashi, Naruto, Kankuro and Sandaime. OMG poor Shikamaru and Neji! *shudders*
Strangely enough, they kept some Gai-sensei.

Bleach dub sounds alright, Rukia being the most natural sounding but it took me a bit to get used to Ichigo's dub voice. So I wouldn't mind watching this one.
Speaking of dubs, I thought I'd mention that the KKM is actually pretty decent. It takes some getting used to after watching it subbed. I actually enjoy it, Gunter in particular, with the exception of Gwendal. No matter how you try and avoid it, there's a bit of a twang in his voice which makes me want to hit something. Not to mention, Wolfram and Izzy (Digimon) share the same VA and the voicing for both characters is extremely no matter what I can't help but picture Izzy everytime Wolfram says something.

Finally caught up on Ouran High School Host Club. Could Tamaki get any spazzier? And nooooo, Mori-senpai, don't was one of those WTF moments.
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I loved and hated this episode.

Ringo angst. About her relationship with Ikki and how his like and her like might be different.
Give me a break. He's 13.

But the reasons why I loved this ep is because of Sano's ninja cosplay...and this...


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I so dearly want to see Agito in the wedding dress...yeah, I know they have the same body but still.....
So waiting for the next ep for Agito to appear...dressed in the wedding dress....
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Finally found some time away from work to watch Ouran ep 16. *adores intuitive!Kaoru*

But then I got to the preview for ep 17 and was like

OMG Kyoya with ruffled hair.

P.S. [ profile] arccie Sorry about the other night. My brother wouldn't budge from the computer all night so I unfortunately fell asleep. Then he woke me up at 3am asking if I wanted to use it.


Jul. 9th, 2006 09:53 am
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Just watched Onmyou Taisenki 46.


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Had a super marathon of Fafner in the Azure.

OMG...I can't believe how much I cried. The last time I cried this much was when I watched all 24 episodes of X plus the movie, in one sitting.

"Soushi. I am here. I'll wait for you forever."

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I absolutely adore the way they've animated one of my favourite chapters.
And the scene with Nekozawa, LOL.
Tamaki's expressions as always, crack me up so much. (Much, much Mamo-love!)
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Despite the earlier debacle, I had a great time at the movies.

Ice Age 2
I watched it with the expectation that it would follow in the pattern of most sequels. However it was greatly amusing and surpassed my expectations. Note to self: ignore reviews.

She's The Man
This has to be one of the funniest movies I've seen recently. I went in expecting something similar to Clueless. Since Clueless was a remake of Emma and She's the Man was based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. However instead of being a contextual comparison, it was a funny sort of spoof that doesn't stay stagnant. It was absolutely hilarious watching Viola and her attempt to act male.

Princess Princess

This series is just so pretty shiny. I've flipped through the first tankoubon before with absolutely no understanding of it, but thought the art gorgeous.
At first the premise of extremely pretty boys in an all boys school, dressing up in gothic lolita clothing to brighten up the lives of the students, may sound a bit odd, but somehow it works.

Image hosting by Photobucket

The Three Princesses (Yutaka Mikoto, Kouno Tooru, Shihoudani Yuujirou.

(spellings of the names are based on the sub)

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Tooru - I like how as the initial focus character he wasn't relegated to the usual position of being tortured, instead balancing somewhere in between Shihoudani and Mikoto. I love his pragmatism and his initial observations.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Shihoudani - Now he is a character which I adore. Pragmatic, sarcastic, manipulative yet not cold-hearted, Shihoudani cracks me up with his mannerisms.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Miko-chan - Mikoto is the impulsive, impetuous and passionate character. The poor thing is always getting picked on and has to be taught the importance of the 'Queen's Smile'.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

And we can't forget the SD and shoujo!sparkly scenes.

The plethora of other eccentric characters like Arisada and the Student Council and Natashou, really lighten up the series. I can't help but love Arisada and his slick dictatorship, and Natashou's exuberant enthusiasm as a designer.

Apparently the manga has been licensed by DMP and slated for release later on this year, though since I live in the boonies, I probably won't get it until next year.
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I'm not exactly a fan of the new story in Bleach.
They're kind of like the filler episodes in Naruto.
However episode 67 had me cracking up because of all the innuendo. Or maybe it's just because I've been deprived of the net for a fortnight?

IchiRen is now canon, I swear... )


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