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First of all, I am an idiot for not using the trimmer for the last notebook. Resizing paper became a breeze with the trimmer. All the prep work took roughly 1.5 hours this time.
So this here is my next attempt at longstitch. You can see my mistakes like the knot that I accidentally left on the outside >_<

The pages for this one don't fan out. It opens completely flat. I think it's partly because of I did the stitching a little looser this time and that the paper was a little heavier.

Once again I used recycled materials. Coffee box cardboard, one-sided A4 paper, leftover crochet cotton and a glue stick.

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Tried my hand at longstitch binding today.

It was an interesting experience. All in all it took 4 hours.
3 hours 20 minutes to prepare the pages, the resizing took forever!
40 minutes to do all the sewing.

I think it turned out fairly alright for a first attempt. I didn't want to wreck my pristine papers so I made it out of recycled materials instead. Cardboard from a coffee box and A4 paper that has at least one side unused (from all the photocopies that I don't need anymore ^_^ ), leftover crochet cotton and some PVA.

Next time I might dilute the PVA a bit or use something else that won't warp the cover too much. And use the paper trimmer instead of doing it manually.

I do like it though. It's actually quite secure and the pages fan out beautifully.


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