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So I've been trying to catch up as much as I can with fandom, gaming and cleaning my room other stuff before next week, when I'll have very little time to goof off.

I totally blame [ profile] ravient for getting me into Vocaloid and from there becoming a fan of the Nico Nico Utattemita. I love their singing, actually timestamped Magnet for the SMASH! K-machine (with more to come) and bought Smiley*2's CD which by the way, are the boys posing as hosts *has a fit of glee*

Then I find them goofing off which makes my teeth ache because I'm trying so hard not to laugh in the middle of the night. (Well it's more like my neighbours recently had a baby and I don't want to risk waking him up because I laughed too loud. That and my window is open.)

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I'm really looking forward to all the guests but people....another seiyuu is coming to Australia!

(snipped from SMASH! site)

YŪKO MIYAMURA and TIFFANY GRANT are coming to Sydney Town Hall on Saturday August 7th!

The Japanese seiyū and the American voice actor for Evangelion's Asuka are our VIP Guests at SMASH! this year. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a landmark in anime history, and SMASH! is honoured to bring you the voices behind this ground-breaking series.

We're also proud to announce as a special guest MATT GREENFIELD!

Matt is a co-founder of ADV Films and one of the pioneers in the Western anime industry. ADV Films was responsible for releasing Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hellsing, Rurouni Kenshin, Azumanga Daioh, Noir and many, many more.

I suspect I'll be reliving NGE fandom in the lead up to August. But wow that was a decade ago. There's more info on the website especially about the venue change. Gosh I haven't been to Town Hall since Animania 2006. Should be very interesting to see how it looks post-refurbishment.

On a personal note... )
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For [personal profile] arccie and [ profile] qem_chibati.

It's a criminally horrendous photo but guess what came in! Your very very belated present or your future present, in the certain likelihood that I will inevitably forget later on.

I'll bring it when I next see you, manga not included XD
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Karl Urban is going to be at Sydnova!

I have less than a month to decide if I want my covers for ROTK or CoR signed. Or track down Bones merchandise.

I want to go to Sydnova in Starfleet blue now T____T

Star Trek

May. 13th, 2009 08:02 pm
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Went to watch Star Trek last night with a few of the SMASH! people.

Was an excellent movie and am absolutely giddy.

General squee and spoiler )
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Aaaah Sheldon....
How awesome you are.

Today's episode was love <3
Debating about Sheldon's orientation.
"Does he do guys, girls, sock puppets?"
And you couldn't help but let out an "Awwww.." when he was forced to skip Halo night and paintball because of his stalker. And his complete obliviousness when he picked up another one.

FYI, this show is so love, I'm secretly turning into a Sheldon x Penny shipper.
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*is currently laughing herself sick*

Big Bang Theory is love.
Sheldon is love.
Sheldon unknowingly picking up a guy and getting his phone number in a misguided attempt to stop Penny from bothering him with her newfound addiction to online gaming is LOVE.
Sheldon getting on swimmingly with whatshisname despite his social ineptitude and big gay misunderstanding is... *busts a gut laughing*

Sheldon ♥

Possibly one of the best episodes to date.
This series is awesome.
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Just about 4 hours before I head off to the airport!

So so excited!

BTW, Supanova Sydney was great. I didn't really see very much other than a cursory tour as pretty much is same old, same old. But I still had fun. Very awesome cosplay. Manning a booth is a bit of a novelty at the moment. I was actually productive for once and came out of the weekend with something to show for it. excited. I'm not even caffeinated and I'm actually awake. It's my convention curse. Always stay up the night before and pretty much virtually the whole weekend.
Although with GenCon, I'm pretty confident I'll crash midway. I'd probably die otherwise.

Giddiness is partly due to their newly announced guests.
Paul MacGillion and Alan Tudyk.

Carson!!! They got Carson!!! And Wash....but...but...they got Carson and Zelenka!!!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is about as good as hearing the news about David Hewlett and Michael Shanks appearing at Melbourne Armageddon.

Wheeeee.... see you on the Saturday [ profile] arccie.

Ack...need to finish packing.....>_>
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So... what do these three have in common?

SMASH! is very pleased to announce a first for SMASH! A first for Australia. A very special guest:

A seiyuu.

Yes. That's right, a seiyuu.

SMASH! is very pleased to announce our special guest for SMASH! 2008!

Hidenobu Kiuchi!

SMASH! 2008 is going to have the very first Japanese Voice Actor to make an appearance at an Australian Convention!

Kiuchi is a talented seiyuu who is well known for his role as Oshitari Yuushi from Prince of Tennis, and more recently, Ryohei Sasagawa in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. He has also starred in a number of leading roles including, but not limited to, Kenzo Tenma (Monster), Ren Honjo (Nana), Hei (Darker than Black), Ryuuren Ran (Saiunkoku Monogatari), José (Gunslinger Girls) - and his credits also include Rurouni Kenshin, Death Note, Pokemon, Hunter x Hunter and many more!

And the best news of all - this won't affect your hip pocket, with prices still $10 for pre-registration and $15 at the door.


I guess everyone might be able to tell how giddy I am over this ( ^___________________^ )
The problem I now have is trying to concentrate on uni.

Ooh...and people, fanfic comp
Just have a go, word limit isn't too high and we have Borders gift vouchers for prizes.
Unfortunately only entries from Australia and New Zealand are eligible.


Feb. 10th, 2008 10:57 pm
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Great news for Stargate and Supanova fans alike! In conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox, Supanova is screening "Stargate: The Ark of Truth" pre its April 9th DVD release exclusively during both the Melbourne (March 28) and Brisbane (April 4) Preview Nights!

This is a huge coup and further expands the Stargate presence at Supanova with "Stargate: Atlantis" star, Jewel Staite, attending alongside Stargate novelists Jennifer Fallon and Sonny Whitelaw (Brisbane only).

As always, the only way to get into our FREE Preview Nights is to purchase a Weekend Pass, or SUPA FAN PASS as we like to call them, and these will be available from Ticketek or at the door! More details to be released shortly.

Oh god....another really really really good reason to go to if I don't already have enough reasons to go....XD

Grrr...only 12 more hours til I finally know if I'm free that weekend.....Stupid uni mid-session break has to be the week before....

Stupid SG ate enough of my brain the first time round...and it's just now started on it's second wind. Any more and I'll turn into a mushy vegetable.
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[ profile] arccie, you are a very very evil person.

Since I've been reintroduced to Stargate, I've revisited the SG-1 fandom and been completely immersed with Atlantis.
Which has meant staying up at all the ungodly hours and worshipping my caffeine cabinet to watch episodes and read fanfiction.....lots of it....

I give myself another couple of weeks before it settles and I settle back into a pattern of relative normality.

"What?" Rodney demanded. "It's the first thing Teyla taught me in How-To-Fight-Like-a-Girl School."
Rodney-snark is simply awesome...XD
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I've been catching up on Eyeshield 21 and I must say Sakuraba is maturing as a character.
Of course, him losing in a quiz show, courtesy of Ootawara, then having to carry out the penalty by practising in a maid outfit is ♥♥♥ .


Jun. 21st, 2007 01:46 pm
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I've been catching up on stuff I haven't watched for a while cause of rabid studying and what not.

But OMG *squee*
Neji!!!! I forgive you for your odd taste in clothing.

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Caught up on some Gintama episodes today in between doing the laundry. I'm still woefully behind what's available but a bit is better than none.

( O_O ) Oh goodness, ♥♥♥ the series to death. Sougo is priceless in it and I honestly can't help but love Hijikata's complex. The ep where the Shinsengumi are being filmed was hilarious. I almost missed what Sougo was doing when they were restraining Hijikata. Strangulation is a funny thing to be laughing at, isn't it?

Now has the strange urge to cosplay as Space Captain Katsura or as a random Shinpachi or a member of the Shinsengumi, maybe Yamazaki.

*gets bricked*
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Went to watch TMNT again as well as Meet the Robinsons with a few friends.
I did watch TMNT and Happily N'ever After with [ profile] arccie last week and loved the TMNT movie so much, I went to watch it again. Happily Never After on the other hand was sort of painful to watch and we'll leave it at that.

TMNT Spoilers. )

Meet the Robinsons Spoilers. )

Other than that, I haven't gotten up to very much the past week, other than cram for my Psych test and finish assignments.
Ooh...SMASH meeting this Sat...note to self, must remember to pick up sugar Krispy Kreme donuts to fortify us during the uber long meeting.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 01:23 am
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Watching Rock Musical Bleach: The Dark of the Bleeding Moon on Youtube.
It was interesting but perhaps felt a tad squashed. I noticed a certain song was rushed and was sung at a faster tempo to incorporate the additional characters. Other than that, it was fun to watch. However I thought the musical itself had great presence. I really liked Saien but this was pretty fun too.

Love the backstages. They're such dorks. KitaEiki you still crack me up. Tat-chan, you're such a lovable spazz! XD And I ♥ your hair.
But OMG! Ikkaku's luck-luck dance wins hands down.

Ooh and there's a new Air Gear Myu performance in May.
【タイトル】ミュージカル「エア・ギア」vs.バッカス Super Range Remix aka Musical 「Air・Gear」vs. Bacchus Super Range Remix.
With the same cast and still featuring Team Bacchus as the rival team, it's uncertain whether it's a rerun, revamp or sequel of the alternate storyline (info courtesy of [ profile] meibi).

EDIT: And congrats to *pnish for getting a TV show in a prime time slot. XD


Feb. 17th, 2007 08:09 am
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Forgive me this one bit of Sasuke fangirling.
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It's been an interesting day today.

I was re-reading Disgaea on the way to work when the guy across from me struck up a conversation about anime and manga. I was kind of surprised considering that the bulk of anime fans seems to come from other areas.

We talked about more classic anime like Evangelion, Hellsing, and all the retro stuff. My closet-retro-fan came out and we started a discussion on Robotech, from Macross to the Valkyries to New Generation. The guy was a Minmei fan so I didn't say too much on that subject, since everytime she appears she's either crying or being sappy over Rick (OK, realistically she didn't do that everytime, but meh the series could have done without her inclusion in the plot, really).

So I got home from work not long ago and guess what was in the mail?

CAST PRIX 3!!!!!

OMG, I love this serialisation! This volume had lots of really pretty shiny awesome stuff. I wish I had my scanner up but had to settle for photos.

* This month's pinup is Takuya in a tux. Waiiii!

* There's a whopping 24 pages on AirGear Myu. I love the prettiness of it although am wondering where Akito/Agito's straightjacket is. I love the individual and duo shots of Kenken, KENN, Kaji and Syugo. Wheee...TsudaKen as Spitfire...I wonder if he'll wear a red wig? Sleeping Forest doesn't make an appearance nor does Simca so it looks to be an all-male cast. And it looks like those promo pics on the cast list on the website are of an opposing team as yet unnamed.

* I love the D-Boys photocomic. Dorks they are. This month has Kaji, Zukki, Araki and Setomaru in the park playing soccer. Included are the brand new soccer ball, Zukki's ball skills, Kaji's new friend, Araki's shiny hair and Seto's pout.

* There's stuff for the second Death Note movie. Really cool promo pics. Rem looks really awesome and Misa's eyes glow when she uses them.

* There's stuff on the Jigoku Shoujo live action series and the Nana 2 movie. Kazuki appears again in another article with Tomohisa Yuge. More KenKen. Takeru Satou appears in a rather festive article.

* And one of the best sections. The novel collaboration with Takuya. This month is for Christmas and features Takuya in a tux. There are some really good photos.

Preview pics )

Bleach 98

Nov. 20th, 2006 01:35 pm
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Took some time out from studying and gave in and watched Bleach 98.

On the episode itself, the fight between Zaraki and Ichinose was not all that interesting. Ichinose really knows how to beat single-minded obsession to death. He's almost as bad as Tousen was. This episode was not entirely lost. You get to see Yachiru as bit more of her own entity instead of as an extension or other half to Zaraki. It's only brief but nice to see.



The filler story is about to end! Not that it wasn't enjoyable since it had actual plot compared to another series filler. Well, we all knew it was going to happen but there's a new OP and ED. Whee..... the animation for the OP and ED themes are nothing to write about but in the OP there's a flash of Aizen...smexy Aizen, and Gin hugging/strangling Rangiku from behind but you can't see his eyes. I swear the fascination I have with Gin has to be his smirk.

I've always adored Hitsugaya but never really seen why the fandom is sometimes rabid about him other than he's a grumpy little squirt genius. But I've never wanted to pat him on the head as much as I did when I was watching the OP. The change in perspective puts everything Hitsugaya in a different light. Meh...logic is now out of the window.
The ED cracked me up so much. It's only flashing through characters so no sneak previews or anything like that. There's this one bit where the lyrics go "Baby, it's me." and it has Byakuya tilting/turning his head in time to the beat as he gazes at something afar. *cracks up laughing*
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I loved and hated this episode.

Ringo angst. About her relationship with Ikki and how his like and her like might be different.
Give me a break. He's 13.

But the reasons why I loved this ep is because of Sano's ninja cosplay...and this...


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I so dearly want to see Agito in the wedding dress...yeah, I know they have the same body but still.....
So waiting for the next ep for Agito to appear...dressed in the wedding dress....
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