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I'm really looking forward to all the guests but people....another seiyuu is coming to Australia!

(snipped from SMASH! site)

YŪKO MIYAMURA and TIFFANY GRANT are coming to Sydney Town Hall on Saturday August 7th!

The Japanese seiyū and the American voice actor for Evangelion's Asuka are our VIP Guests at SMASH! this year. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a landmark in anime history, and SMASH! is honoured to bring you the voices behind this ground-breaking series.

We're also proud to announce as a special guest MATT GREENFIELD!

Matt is a co-founder of ADV Films and one of the pioneers in the Western anime industry. ADV Films was responsible for releasing Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hellsing, Rurouni Kenshin, Azumanga Daioh, Noir and many, many more.

I suspect I'll be reliving NGE fandom in the lead up to August. But wow that was a decade ago. There's more info on the website especially about the venue change. Gosh I haven't been to Town Hall since Animania 2006. Should be very interesting to see how it looks post-refurbishment.

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I'm finally able to sit and rest with an iced pepsi and chilled grapes after having been locked out for 3.5 hours.
Got home from work and realised I forgot to take my keys when I left earlier today. Waited and waited before making the journey to mum's place and back.
Since trains were down, it took me 2 hours to make a return trip ( >_< )

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. I still owe people cards and other stuff since my local post office was always closed everytime I went out to mail things. My bad. I'll make sure to do so soon.

Haven't had a chance to reflect on last year as I've been very busy, so will need to find some time later to chill out and do that.
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Currently in panicky mode as there's a fortnight before we can finally "rest". Doing con miniutiae at the moment. Can I just say I love that I (sort of) have less sewing work this year? I didn't do any cutting or ironing, just focused on sewing or overlocking, and even then it's only maybe 3/5 of the total batch.

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Worked on them for about four hours last night. I wasted an hour of that rethreading the machine, replacing the needle that I snapped last time and fiddling about with the thread tensions since someone messed it up. Also doing this at night was not exactly the best thing as I had lots of lights on but as the night progressed I didn't notice that I was moving closer so I could see better. I ended up in a position with really horrid posture.

Sore neck now...ow.

Now must endeavour to concentrate on other stuff T__T
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So went to do convention organise-y things today.
Um...was fairly productive? Small meeting, then huge meeting, then department meeting of two...XD
Wandered off for food after a close shave with traffic due to my woolgathering. Went to Myer food court and am lamenting that the awesome Malaysian place that had this delicious peanut tofu dish was replaced with a KFC. Normally I don't mind that much...but I had my heart set on having the peanut tofu dish. Got lost trying to find the other food court which technically does not exist due to the renovations, so went back out to check the pavement artist.

Spent an inordinate amount of time in Kino with [personal profile] arccie and [ profile] pharaoh_cat. I'm wanting the Bunka Fashion Design series of books that was translated into English. It is a wonderful guide to fashion design, fashion plates; incorporating the basic fundamentals then progressing to more advanced stuff, particularly with patterning. I am in great and severe pain after seeing the price tag however. $75 approx per book and there are four books in this series. T__________T
Guess I know what I'll be asking for my birthday.
Ended up getting myself another embroidery book and the next book in the Kyuuto! series, Woolly Embroidery.

Popped off to Galaxy next, where I spent more on updating my SGA novel collection and getting the Elenium omnibus. Must remember to drop by in a couple of weeks and see if the Tamuli omnibus has arrived.
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For [personal profile] arccie and [ profile] qem_chibati.

It's a criminally horrendous photo but guess what came in! Your very very belated present or your future present, in the certain likelihood that I will inevitably forget later on.

I'll bring it when I next see you, manga not included XD
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This is what happens when you are an exec, have too many tasks but are afraid to look at them and spend the night gasbagging away.
Couldn't find the crepe pan, so used a simmer pan and I think I might have turned the heat up too high. Am used to making crepes not pancakes. I was trying to make them 12cm like the ones that work sells pre-packaged. Their pancakes are artificial but very round and thick.
Misjudged the bubbling and when to turn over. I should have gotten a bigger/deeper dish rather than the teacup dish because I definitely did not expect it to melt that fast.


Jan. 12th, 2009 08:19 pm
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Seriously...this has not been my week.
Was stung by a bug that I think was a wasp today. My thumb is so sore now, still inflamed and swollen.

Not very happy.
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I can't resist Christmas sales.

Least of all the annual Kino one.
Spent too much, as usual.
With [ profile] arccie as my witness, I walked away yesterday with a whole basket brimming full of goodies.......and this is after I had pruned it of the er....less urgent acquisitions.

Still want the Autumn edition of Newtype Romance, the pretty new Code Geass artbook, the Saiyuki artbook which is the only Minekura art book I haven't gotten yet as well as Gackt's photobook "Dragon Incarnate". Androgenous looking man in Heian period clothing XD

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Nov. 22nd, 2007 09:20 am
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Last week I went to see Sculpture By The Sea at Bondi.
It was very nice although I think I gave myself sunstroke from staying out too long.There were some really interesting sculptures...and some that made me go ( O_O )
But all in all, it was really nice weather. Warm, but with a lovely breeze.

Some photos of my favourite pieces )

For more photos of sculptures click HERE.


Nov. 12th, 2007 03:55 pm
kieslin: (KENN - So happy) glasses live!!!!!

\ ( ^_^ ) /

After judicious use of a filet knife (what...I couldn't find a flat head screwdriver small enough) and a set of small pliers, I have fixed my glasses to semi-regular usage. It's still the teensiest bit wonky but's fixed.

This is an ad from the Toys'R'us xmas catalogue.

I'm sure it's not just me, but I'm quite disturbed by the description for this toy. Honestly, I know some toys do have an element of violence to it, like the Mattel Naruto toys that got banned since the figures were able to simulate a stabbing motion with the kunai, but still encouraging sadism in a catalogue a bit much. What seems to be possibly stranger, is that the toy is primarily aimed at younger children, so it would be parents or those older who would read the actual ad in the catalogue.

I find myself curious as to whether anyone would actually buy it, and if any, how many bought it after reading the catalogue.

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Guess what I got in the mail today.

My free Gintama gashapon. I was lucky enough to get no doubles. But I'm regretting not spending the money to get another one in hopes that I'd get Gintoki.

Had a pretty bad accident walking into uni today. There's a nasty little bruise on my knee from when I tripped in sandy soil and my knee slammed the footpath.

Sociology presentation down. Tute facilitation went okay. Now onto studying for my Japanese quiz.

Ooh and demonstrated my awesome bargaining skills at the fabric stores. $1.99/metre for linen. Haha....go me.


Feb. 27th, 2007 11:55 pm
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Relationships has to be the weirdest subject I've ever taken.

A sociology lecture that is very interactive with a lot of discussion generated by students. We watched a clip with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and were trying to identify feelings that would explain the relationship.

Apparently one of our assignments is to keep a workbook that is supposed to encourage reflection, free thought and remove the restraint of censorship. This subject seems more like a creative writing course than anything. Can't wait till we get to the week topic of desire. That'll be an interesting one.

Was wandering about yesterday and went a different way to get to Chinatown and somehow found myself looking at UTS. Errr...perhaps my sense of direction is worse that I thought.
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First day wasn't all that bad.

Met [ profile] miyukiko by chance this morning at the bus and went exploring the campus with her. I think I weirded her out a little too much with my randomness and rather odd habit of noticing the strangest things. Also my rather vague sense of direction was not all that helpful. Explains why I spent 15 minutes wandering back and forth looking for the MB building when it was right behind me. *coughs*

Had JAPN1001 first and it took a while to get used to a language class again. When we were brainstorming for Japanese words, I happened to look at the screen and it had an image of a leaf. The first thing that popped in my head was vert. Why on earth was the first word to pop in my head French?

Next had Relationships but apparently no one mentioned that this particular tutorial was not running so I wasted some time. After that met up with Anthony at the Psych lecture. Met his girlfriend Vivian who was rather nice. Pretty much in the lecture, there was the subtle message, perception is affected by the influences around you.

The three of us went to eat at Dixon Street food court. I got this really yummy Spicy BBQ Pork with rice. It was tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Then dropped by Kinokuniya to pick up Hand's Off. Was extremely tempted to get KKM Fanbook 2 but decided to get it next time. Graargh, I forgot to get the Cafe Kichichoji time.
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I was getting sort of creeped out by the unusual noises tonight. I was pretty chicken until I heard a truck zip up speedily into our street. It was only then that I dared to look. Apparently the house opposite had a burst water main or the tap was broken. The pipe in their front yard had water gushing out of it. Speedy response from the emergency water services though. It had only been 5 minutes and they arrived after that. A lot of metal banging but now it seems the problem has been fixed.
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After a rather hectic start that eventuated in me missing the train, I went with [ profile] arccie to watch Pan's Labyrinth today.
Directed by Guillermo del Toro

It is perhaps one of the most emotive movies I have watched recently. The story was a rather poignant tale set in the backdrop of the Spanish civil war. It intermingles reality with fantasy resulting in a rather gothic fairytale and the details were woven so intricately that although it was easy to guess what would happen and how it would end, it still didn't fail to grab attention. The movie was quite graphic and a rather bleak vision of humanity. The scenes were rather brutal with lots of blood, violence and aggression, verging on horror with some of the fantastical scenes, particularly that of the flesheater. The way in which it was portrayed I felt was imaginative, the fantastical scenes rampant with that eerie quality. I find it quite interesting that the director chose not to cut out various scenes. Instead choosing to shock his audience from the start and building from that and continuing shock after shock after shock. The ending does invite discussion as to whether it was all the imaginings of a little girl or the allusions to magic were real.

It was a movie worth watching, memorable, although not one I could stomach watching over and over again.

A link to the official English language screenplay.
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I've noticed recently that I seem to be going through a phase where I'm reliving all of my childhood flights and fancies, albeit slightly revamped.

Take for instance, Power Rangers. I loved watching the group of teens fight monsters, look dorky and say the cheesiest lines and that love has remanifested itself to watch all the sentai shows. Ultraman, Kamen Rider and most recently Gekiranger....of course having a Tenimyu boy thrown in somewhere helps too.

It's surprising how much television really defines you while growing up. When I look back on the shows I grew up on, I noticed a subtle process of social conditioning. Captain Planet promoting environmental conservation, Widget for openness to change and that science related stuff wasn't geeky and Tintin because he was just too cool of his logical rationale. I guess children's shows have had to move with the times as well. Watching Sesame Street and noticing all the changes they've made over the years. I mean the Cookie Monster no longer living up to its name? And pardon me, but I recall Oscar being a lot more mean and snarky. Not the slightly touchy-feelier version. Haha...and noticing how Snuffy now has a body image problem which required an intervention.
Something I've also been watching is Play School. There is just something interesting about it that I can't help but enjoy and have weird thoughts. I never did figure out if Little Ted ever suffered an inferiority complex.

Even now I'm still watching kids shows. Although I'm thoroughly disturbed by some of the anime dubs that have been shown recently Naruto and Pokemon in particular, the new voices are very disconcerting, I'll still watch them. I even became addicted to watching the highly superficial Winx Club. Although I give a thumbs up when they put on the old Inspector Gadget episodes a few months ago.

I have fallen in love with pens again. Yes, that sounds completely stupid but I used to have a beloved pen collection which I would rarely use. I found it again the other day and was surprised to find that most of them still work! If I add all the pens I have now, I have one hefty box of pens. Probably my favourites are my fineliners, particularly my Artline drawing system.

I've also been rereading my books. I opened a box the other day and started going through them. I still can't help reading about Milly Molly Mandy's adventures or the Dr Kermit was a really lame evil pseudo-genius. I even found a few random Babysitters Club and Saddle Club books as well I was sure I got rid of those though.

So er...perhaps it's not really a phase. I guess I never really grew out of some things.

Well, except for the whole junk jewellery thing. I'm glad that that's over and done with.
Less clutter is better. Now if only I could let go of a few other things.
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The Gizmo/LJ talk thingy really doesn't want to work for me.....knowing me I probably installed it wrong.

Anyway so the panic that I had about missing out on the Madman sale? Totally unnecessary. I got a second chance at it today, when it was rather fortuitous that I checked my email, the first order went through! Lucky thing that, since I was just about to order the same now I have even more. I passed on Twelve Kingdoms and Last Exile cause I can get it later but bought the whole Slayers series plus movies. Under the Eastern Eye logo, I got Aragami, it looks pretty interesting. I was going to get 'The Quiet Family', which 'The Happiness of the Katakuris' is based off but forgot.


Nov. 8th, 2006 05:38 pm
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To tell you the truth, this post was supposed to be my Supanova con report (a few weeks late) but I got lazy and bogged down by study for my impending exams that I completely forgot.

So yeah....I've been busy with work, study and moving house. So the times I'll log on are far and few. I never realised how much 10 years worth of crap we had accumulated, unfortunately it's the sort of stuff we can't let go of for sentimental reasons. I'm already stressing out for my Psych exam. What was which eh....? *confused* At least I remembered to re-enrol before the cutoff date.

My computer decided it would die completely on Sunday night. I mean I hadn't had much chance to get on it in the past week but it is now no longer of this world. I think it was a power supply problem, so I now am resorting to sullying my precious laptop.

Was looking through my backlogged f-list and ZOMG, Burimyu Live???? I hope it's as fun as the Dream Lives. That'd be pretty awesome.


Sep. 20th, 2006 12:10 am
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My net's killing me....
The line's been staticky all day, thus occasionally dropping out all the time and the technician still hasn't come to fix the problem.
And now when I'm just about to turn in the towel and go to sleep, it starts working again....sort of...I may have jinxed it. least I managed to get the articles for my critical analysis. The topic this time is how children are socialised through mass media and popular culture. There's also a bit on Pokemon and its impact on sex gender roles.
And for fun, I'm reading 'The Harry Potter Phenomenon'.

It seems LJ is continuing their pirate-theme. I noticed that something was off with the little ljuser symbol. But now they've made other changes to their logo and some of the categories on the user profiles.
Maybe there's a mutiny somewhere?
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Not up to very much these past few days. Went to work then slept for 28 hours straight.

Yoinked these Harry Potter spoofs from [ profile] sarahofcroydon. "Harry Potter and the Secret Chamberpot of Azerbaijan". Starring Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. They're an absolute crack up! There's also a cameo of Basil Fox.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Cast Prix 2 is almost out. Must remember to order it in since it's release date is 30/09/06...September 30...September 30....ooh that's the first day of Animania.
*random spazzing* They already have month/dates for RikkaiMyu? Waiiiii!
And curses! I've got a green tea frapp craving again.....*pouts at Nagayan* Why oh why must you brandish the Starbucks logo at me?

Happy belated birthday to Anne [ profile] xxxkbunnies. Hope you had lots of fun.

Coming week in review

* Finish off Gwendal costume. Must find time to make pants less puffy and finish the white shirt.
* Actually do Psych readings for assignment. No skim reading. Pay attention to gate theory.
* Go to Starbucks for a green tea frappucino.
* Log onto msn when it isn't being a bastard and bug people socialise.
* Find 2 articles for my crit essay. Any suggestions on topics?
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