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So went to watch Wolverine with [personal profile] arccie on Tuesday.

Overall, felt it was so-so. The CG was fairly painful in some places, particularly so after having watched Star Trek last week. That movie pretty much owns. We should have swapped the movie order. While there's not much plot and it really screws around with parts of X-men canon, the best parts had to be Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. I really enjoyed their performances.

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So end result, fairly enjoyable. However, for the time being, Star Trek has spoiled me for other movies.

Star Trek

May. 13th, 2009 08:02 pm
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Went to watch Star Trek last night with a few of the SMASH! people.

Was an excellent movie and am absolutely giddy.

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Went to watch TMNT again as well as Meet the Robinsons with a few friends.
I did watch TMNT and Happily N'ever After with [ profile] arccie last week and loved the TMNT movie so much, I went to watch it again. Happily Never After on the other hand was sort of painful to watch and we'll leave it at that.

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Other than that, I haven't gotten up to very much the past week, other than cram for my Psych test and finish assignments.
Ooh...SMASH meeting this Sat...note to self, must remember to pick up sugar Krispy Kreme donuts to fortify us during the uber long meeting.
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After a rather hectic start that eventuated in me missing the train, I went with [ profile] arccie to watch Pan's Labyrinth today.
Directed by Guillermo del Toro

It is perhaps one of the most emotive movies I have watched recently. The story was a rather poignant tale set in the backdrop of the Spanish civil war. It intermingles reality with fantasy resulting in a rather gothic fairytale and the details were woven so intricately that although it was easy to guess what would happen and how it would end, it still didn't fail to grab attention. The movie was quite graphic and a rather bleak vision of humanity. The scenes were rather brutal with lots of blood, violence and aggression, verging on horror with some of the fantastical scenes, particularly that of the flesheater. The way in which it was portrayed I felt was imaginative, the fantastical scenes rampant with that eerie quality. I find it quite interesting that the director chose not to cut out various scenes. Instead choosing to shock his audience from the start and building from that and continuing shock after shock after shock. The ending does invite discussion as to whether it was all the imaginings of a little girl or the allusions to magic were real.

It was a movie worth watching, memorable, although not one I could stomach watching over and over again.

A link to the official English language screenplay.


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