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Just catching up with my reading page...

Pimping a link that [personal profile] noxie shared that was too amusing not to.
Do Gay Martians Have the Right to Marry?

I think the Star Trek reboot has been the first fandom to really tempt me to get back into writing. Unfortunately my memory of canon is kind of sketchy, so I'd need to find the time to watch TOS again.

Cut in case you haven't seen the ST movie )
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I've noticed recently that I seem to be going through a phase where I'm reliving all of my childhood flights and fancies, albeit slightly revamped.

Take for instance, Power Rangers. I loved watching the group of teens fight monsters, look dorky and say the cheesiest lines and that love has remanifested itself to watch all the sentai shows. Ultraman, Kamen Rider and most recently Gekiranger....of course having a Tenimyu boy thrown in somewhere helps too.

It's surprising how much television really defines you while growing up. When I look back on the shows I grew up on, I noticed a subtle process of social conditioning. Captain Planet promoting environmental conservation, Widget for openness to change and that science related stuff wasn't geeky and Tintin because he was just too cool of his logical rationale. I guess children's shows have had to move with the times as well. Watching Sesame Street and noticing all the changes they've made over the years. I mean the Cookie Monster no longer living up to its name? And pardon me, but I recall Oscar being a lot more mean and snarky. Not the slightly touchy-feelier version. Haha...and noticing how Snuffy now has a body image problem which required an intervention.
Something I've also been watching is Play School. There is just something interesting about it that I can't help but enjoy and have weird thoughts. I never did figure out if Little Ted ever suffered an inferiority complex.

Even now I'm still watching kids shows. Although I'm thoroughly disturbed by some of the anime dubs that have been shown recently Naruto and Pokemon in particular, the new voices are very disconcerting, I'll still watch them. I even became addicted to watching the highly superficial Winx Club. Although I give a thumbs up when they put on the old Inspector Gadget episodes a few months ago.

I have fallen in love with pens again. Yes, that sounds completely stupid but I used to have a beloved pen collection which I would rarely use. I found it again the other day and was surprised to find that most of them still work! If I add all the pens I have now, I have one hefty box of pens. Probably my favourites are my fineliners, particularly my Artline drawing system.

I've also been rereading my books. I opened a box the other day and started going through them. I still can't help reading about Milly Molly Mandy's adventures or the Dr Kermit was a really lame evil pseudo-genius. I even found a few random Babysitters Club and Saddle Club books as well I was sure I got rid of those though.

So er...perhaps it's not really a phase. I guess I never really grew out of some things.

Well, except for the whole junk jewellery thing. I'm glad that that's over and done with.
Less clutter is better. Now if only I could let go of a few other things.


Nov. 15th, 2006 08:33 pm
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Today, I was struck by a random thought.

Why is it that when people cut their hair (or shave their facial hair in a man's case) they look younger?

I started thinking about why this might be. Could it be that the length and amount of hair is associated by age, as in the time taken to grow it? This thought would work from birth to maybe middle aged people, since babies are born with little or no hair and middle aged people, particularly men start losing and getting receding hairlines. But that doesn't really make much sense seeing as elderly people have less hair. Not to mention it discounts heredity and genetics. Cause if all it took was less hair to look younger then all the middle-aged men suffering from hair crises would not find the need to purchase toupees.

So then I thought maybe it had to do with the colour of hair or the various lengthy styles but through my observation as I was going around today it didn't really make much difference.

Finally I came to the conclusion that perhaps it had nothing to do with the amount or length of hair but something to do with exposure of the skin. The amount of skin exposed could perhaps be an indication of youth. As people grow older there is a tendency to be more inhibited and fully clothed as compared to when you were young.

P.S. This is what I do when I try to get out of studying. Think really really weird thoughts.

P.P.S. I'm getting really annoyed with my net connection. It works then doesn't then works again.


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