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I haven't written any poetry for at least three years, so it was a bit of a surprise.
Wrote it to enter the lovely [ profile] otterdance's signed bookmark competition. I couldn't resist when I saw the words "Be imaginative." XD

I tend to do fan poems a certain way. This has some similarities to the one I wrote for Bridge to Terabithia (awesome book BTW), although with the 250 max word count, I couldn't quite do it justice like the one I did for Terabithia. Maybe I'll work on that later to get back into a poet's frame of mind.

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I now have a bit of a fascination for bookbinding. I can't really describe why but there's just something about this that is very interesting. My first test of Japanese stab binding turned out alright but not fantastically. Instead of a hole punch, tried out the brand new book drill. I added an extra hole by mistake and now know that I have to sand the paper a little on the outside to neaten it. Still, if you don't take into account my shoddy photography, for something made out of scrap paper, scrap yarn and an old pamphlet, it doesn't look half bad does it? XD

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Something else that I've been doing is participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I've promised myself and made plans for the past four years which went nowhere. This year is perhaps the first year in which I've been able to make the commitment. I think actually signing up helped as well XD

Also have plans for future stories/novels after a chat session with a friend. There's potential to collaborate on one of them as illustrated novellas/light novels. But that's a "we'll see".
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Away from the sea, and found on land.
Packed tightly together, in a moving tin can.
Around and around, the city it goes.
Feeling so squashed, from your head to your toes.
At last it stops, as the lid peels back.
Sighing in relief, as it goes down the track.

A crappy 2-minute sketch on what peak hour was like this morning, along with a super quick poem.

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