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I'm Kieslin and you've reached my little corner of the web.
I'm an insanely busy person who has unfortunately not been able to participate in fandom these past few years. I have a tendency to seek out new hobbies and activities >_>. Between uni, work and the ever growing number of new crafts I pick up, I get very busy especially with helping to organise the SMASH! anime convention with a lively group of people.

My hobbies are varied, with some coming and going as I don't have the time I want to devote to it.
You might have also noticed I'm a huge fan of crafts and textile arts. I currently knit, crochet, sew, embroider and am looking to learn tatting. I'm a "commute crafter" (we so need a club), as I find the time when I journey on the train is the best time to work on a project. I enjoy reading sci-fi novels and fantasy epics. I make the very rare cosplay on occasion but it's more for the process of making something. I'm currently courting an interest in ABJDs particularly with making intricate miniature clothing.

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air gear, alan rickman, alichino, amigurumi, anime, antique bakery, artist trading cards, asami/akihito, axis powers hetalia, baking, battlestar galactica, big bang theory, bjd, bleach, blogging, bones, bookbinding, books, burimyu, clamp, code geass, community development, conventions, cooking, cowboy bebop, criminal minds, crimson spell, crochet, d.gray-man, david eddings, david hewlett, david weber, demon diary, dexter, dnangel, do as infinity, doctor who, doujinshi, doumeki/watanuki, embroidery, eureka, eyeshield 21, fan fiction, fanart, fanfiction, farscape, final fantasy, fruits basket, getbackers, gintama, good omens, gorgeous carat, hanakimi, harry potter, hetalia, highlander, hikaru no go, how to train your dragon, hunter x hunter, inazuma eleven, jpop, jrock, junjou romantica, karaoke, kimeru, knitting, koko wa greenwood, kuroshitsuji, kyou kara maoh, kyou kara maou, lamento, legal drug, lord of the rings, lotr, love mode, lynn flewelling, manga, matantei loki ragnarok, mercedes lackey, merlin, miyano mamoru, musicals, mythology, nagayan, naruto, ncis, nightrunner, okiayu ryoutarou, one piece, oofuri, ouran, paku romi, pnish, prince of tennis, psych, reading, reborn, saiunkoku monogatari, saiyuki, sakura taisen, sci-fi, science fiction and fantasy, scifi, seiyuu, sengoku basara, sewing, sff, sga, shirota yuu, slash, slayers, sociology, star trek, star trek reboot, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, supernatural, tactics, tenimyu, tenipuri, tennis no oujisama, torchwood, transformers, trinity blood, viewfinder, w juliet, weiss kreuz, weiƟ kreuz, whistle, whistle!, wild adapter, writing, x-men, xxxholic, yakitate japan, yamane ayano, yaoi, zines
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