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As much as I love cooking, I freely admit that I will happily let someone cook for me so I don't have to do it.

My brother has an aptitude for it though. That and he is infinitely more patient than I am. And he has more time to do so. He was nice enough to make chicken tempura tonight. It was very yum.

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First of all, I am an idiot for not using the trimmer for the last notebook. Resizing paper became a breeze with the trimmer. All the prep work took roughly 1.5 hours this time.
So this here is my next attempt at longstitch. You can see my mistakes like the knot that I accidentally left on the outside >_<

The pages for this one don't fan out. It opens completely flat. I think it's partly because of I did the stitching a little looser this time and that the paper was a little heavier.

Once again I used recycled materials. Coffee box cardboard, one-sided A4 paper, leftover crochet cotton and a glue stick.

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Tried my hand at longstitch binding today.

It was an interesting experience. All in all it took 4 hours.
3 hours 20 minutes to prepare the pages, the resizing took forever!
40 minutes to do all the sewing.

I think it turned out fairly alright for a first attempt. I didn't want to wreck my pristine papers so I made it out of recycled materials instead. Cardboard from a coffee box and A4 paper that has at least one side unused (from all the photocopies that I don't need anymore ^_^ ), leftover crochet cotton and some PVA.

Next time I might dilute the PVA a bit or use something else that won't warp the cover too much. And use the paper trimmer instead of doing it manually.

I do like it though. It's actually quite secure and the pages fan out beautifully.

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You know how I said that I've gotten so used to working behind the scenes that I have difficulty experiencing it as an attendee? Today's con pretty much affirmed that.

I was helping out with cosplay rego at Armageddon Sydney, to help out a friend. I'm so glad I had free entry because it was very meh~
The layout was kind of shocking. Not the greatest use of space. Especially the stage. That was super fail. The audience was seated upon the stage in the amphitheatre and were in full view of the hall. Which was kind of scary for shy people and a bit pointless seeing as the speakers were facing the hall so everyone on the stage couldn't hear very much. Not the best for panels really.

Because there was no projector or sound system set up (other than a few mics), there was no point for slides or any of the other usual preparations that you would normally go through. There was also no printer. The lovely task of handwriting runsheets and processing applications manually was left to me >_<

There were some vendors there but it wasn't really much to look at. The event in general was under-promoted and to be honest, they should have waited to do the full shebang instead of a "taster" event. I think many, the cosplayers especially, would hesitate to come back next year. I kind of hate to say it but it was perhaps one of, if not THE MOST dissatisfying con I have ever attended. Dates are already announced for 2011, Febuary 26/27th. I guess it's wait and see if they improve their game for next year.

I guess the day did have a few pluses. I got to meet people I usually only see at cons. I was sharply reminded of the frustration a volunteer would experience, which is handy considering what I'm doing which is why a certain con should hopefully have the best volunteer program ever and I got to fully test my water brush pen. Note to self: Mostly use vibrant ink colours. Lights and pastels don't work all that well.

I think I'll cheer myself up with a movie tomorrow.
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After working on various cons, community events, etc for a while I'm so used to being behind the scenes or behind a table that I have difficulty adjusting to just being an attendee. The main exceptions are professional skills development seminars and craft expos. I love to just shop at these expos, buy a year's worth of supplies and join the workshops.

I went to Craft Expo aka Craftfest at the Dome last Thursday, my only free day >_< and had a ball of a time. Being the first day, it was quiet in comparison to the sort of traffic they got that weekend. I loved the multiple aisle setup, it had a market sort of feel.

Picked up a lot of supplies, mostly of the papercrafting kind. There were some awesome paper sets. Got a couple of packs of parchment card and nabbed some show specials. Not to mention I got a few rotary cutters for cheap. I've got reliable local and online suppliers for my other craft supplies that I didn't bother with getting stuff like yarn or jelly rolls. I finally tried a water brush pen after putting it off for so long. It feels weird not to have to constantly dip the brush into the pot. I don't know why I didn't try the brush pen earlier. I got to try it out before I bought one and tried it out in combination with stamping and it turned out pretty cool. Going to give it more of a test drive soon to get some practice controlling water flow and to get a better feel for how much ink/paint needs to be loaded on the brush. Can't wait to use this with my watercolours.

I loved their Discovery Desks. It had 15 minute demos for techniques and by extension, some new products. Napkin decoupage is something I've never really seen which was interesting because they used a medium to adhere it to textiles as well freeform sculpting. The workshops and seminars were really fun and interactive. Definitely picked up some great tips and ideas from it.
Got the chance to try polymer bead making and playing with Sculpey. It's fun, but I can't really see myself taking it up. I think I've taken up too many crafts as it is!

Can't wait til the next one. Finders Keepers Markets in May (for indie stuff) and S&C expo is in August.

I wonder how many people would be interested in an online craft swap on DW. Anyone know of any DW comms doing so? (not including Ravelry swaps XD)
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So I've been trying to catch up as much as I can with fandom, gaming and cleaning my room other stuff before next week, when I'll have very little time to goof off.

I totally blame [ profile] ravient for getting me into Vocaloid and from there becoming a fan of the Nico Nico Utattemita. I love their singing, actually timestamped Magnet for the SMASH! K-machine (with more to come) and bought Smiley*2's CD which by the way, are the boys posing as hosts *has a fit of glee*

Then I find them goofing off which makes my teeth ache because I'm trying so hard not to laugh in the middle of the night. (Well it's more like my neighbours recently had a baby and I don't want to risk waking him up because I laughed too loud. That and my window is open.)

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I'm really looking forward to all the guests but people....another seiyuu is coming to Australia!

(snipped from SMASH! site)

YŪKO MIYAMURA and TIFFANY GRANT are coming to Sydney Town Hall on Saturday August 7th!

The Japanese seiyū and the American voice actor for Evangelion's Asuka are our VIP Guests at SMASH! this year. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a landmark in anime history, and SMASH! is honoured to bring you the voices behind this ground-breaking series.

We're also proud to announce as a special guest MATT GREENFIELD!

Matt is a co-founder of ADV Films and one of the pioneers in the Western anime industry. ADV Films was responsible for releasing Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hellsing, Rurouni Kenshin, Azumanga Daioh, Noir and many, many more.

I suspect I'll be reliving NGE fandom in the lead up to August. But wow that was a decade ago. There's more info on the website especially about the venue change. Gosh I haven't been to Town Hall since Animania 2006. Should be very interesting to see how it looks post-refurbishment.

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I'm finally able to sit and rest with an iced pepsi and chilled grapes after having been locked out for 3.5 hours.
Got home from work and realised I forgot to take my keys when I left earlier today. Waited and waited before making the journey to mum's place and back.
Since trains were down, it took me 2 hours to make a return trip ( >_< )

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. I still owe people cards and other stuff since my local post office was always closed everytime I went out to mail things. My bad. I'll make sure to do so soon.

Haven't had a chance to reflect on last year as I've been very busy, so will need to find some time later to chill out and do that.
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I was recced some stuff by The Pumpkin Head, so like any normal person, googled it.

Then I was like 'Hang on...the second person from the left looks really familiar.'
My first thought was [ profile] miyukiko's been leading a double life! @_@

Sorry Miyu.
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Seeing as I've rediscovered a love for papercrafts, I've decided to join the holiday train and offer Christmas/Holiday season/New Year/Hanukkah cards for anyone who'd like one.
Just let me know which one you'd prefer and comment with your address (they'll all be screened so no one else will see your details).
Alternatively, if you don't want anything related to the holiday season, I can send something like a non-related card, postcard or letter.

And in the spirit of giving, every fifth person will receive a little surprise with their correspondence XD
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I haven't written any poetry for at least three years, so it was a bit of a surprise.
Wrote it to enter the lovely [ profile] otterdance's signed bookmark competition. I couldn't resist when I saw the words "Be imaginative." XD

I tend to do fan poems a certain way. This has some similarities to the one I wrote for Bridge to Terabithia (awesome book BTW), although with the 250 max word count, I couldn't quite do it justice like the one I did for Terabithia. Maybe I'll work on that later to get back into a poet's frame of mind.

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I now have a bit of a fascination for bookbinding. I can't really describe why but there's just something about this that is very interesting. My first test of Japanese stab binding turned out alright but not fantastically. Instead of a hole punch, tried out the brand new book drill. I added an extra hole by mistake and now know that I have to sand the paper a little on the outside to neaten it. Still, if you don't take into account my shoddy photography, for something made out of scrap paper, scrap yarn and an old pamphlet, it doesn't look half bad does it? XD

Bad photos )

Something else that I've been doing is participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I've promised myself and made plans for the past four years which went nowhere. This year is perhaps the first year in which I've been able to make the commitment. I think actually signing up helped as well XD

Also have plans for future stories/novels after a chat session with a friend. There's potential to collaborate on one of them as illustrated novellas/light novels. But that's a "we'll see".
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Poring now has a friend XD

I started crocheting the decorative lace for a hook case today. The crochet part is done...much quicker than I expected. Getting the hang of charts helps too XD. Now to find a fabric that complements purple to sew the inner compartments.
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Currently in panicky mode as there's a fortnight before we can finally "rest". Doing con miniutiae at the moment. Can I just say I love that I (sort of) have less sewing work this year? I didn't do any cutting or ironing, just focused on sewing or overlocking, and even then it's only maybe 3/5 of the total batch.

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Worked on them for about four hours last night. I wasted an hour of that rethreading the machine, replacing the needle that I snapped last time and fiddling about with the thread tensions since someone messed it up. Also doing this at night was not exactly the best thing as I had lots of lights on but as the night progressed I didn't notice that I was moving closer so I could see better. I ended up in a position with really horrid posture.

Sore neck now...ow.

Now must endeavour to concentrate on other stuff T__T
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So went to do convention organise-y things today.
Um...was fairly productive? Small meeting, then huge meeting, then department meeting of two...XD
Wandered off for food after a close shave with traffic due to my woolgathering. Went to Myer food court and am lamenting that the awesome Malaysian place that had this delicious peanut tofu dish was replaced with a KFC. Normally I don't mind that much...but I had my heart set on having the peanut tofu dish. Got lost trying to find the other food court which technically does not exist due to the renovations, so went back out to check the pavement artist.

Spent an inordinate amount of time in Kino with [personal profile] arccie and [ profile] pharaoh_cat. I'm wanting the Bunka Fashion Design series of books that was translated into English. It is a wonderful guide to fashion design, fashion plates; incorporating the basic fundamentals then progressing to more advanced stuff, particularly with patterning. I am in great and severe pain after seeing the price tag however. $75 approx per book and there are four books in this series. T__________T
Guess I know what I'll be asking for my birthday.
Ended up getting myself another embroidery book and the next book in the Kyuuto! series, Woolly Embroidery.

Popped off to Galaxy next, where I spent more on updating my SGA novel collection and getting the Elenium omnibus. Must remember to drop by in a couple of weeks and see if the Tamuli omnibus has arrived.
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For [personal profile] arccie and [ profile] qem_chibati.

It's a criminally horrendous photo but guess what came in! Your very very belated present or your future present, in the certain likelihood that I will inevitably forget later on.

I'll bring it when I next see you, manga not included XD
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Karl Urban is going to be at Sydnova!

I have less than a month to decide if I want my covers for ROTK or CoR signed. Or track down Bones merchandise.

I want to go to Sydnova in Starfleet blue now T____T
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So went to watch Wolverine with [personal profile] arccie on Tuesday.

Overall, felt it was so-so. The CG was fairly painful in some places, particularly so after having watched Star Trek last week. That movie pretty much owns. We should have swapped the movie order. While there's not much plot and it really screws around with parts of X-men canon, the best parts had to be Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. I really enjoyed their performances.

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So end result, fairly enjoyable. However, for the time being, Star Trek has spoiled me for other movies.
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Sharing something that I'm currently working on mostly while commuting by train.

I'm always a sucker for a meme....

Comment here saying you want to play. I will find seven things off of your profile and you have to post in your journal with why you are interested in them. At that time, I will comment and squee. And possibly also participate in the fun by having you choose seven of my interests. We will go round and round and round.

So [personal profile] noxie gave me the following...

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Just catching up with my reading page...

Pimping a link that [personal profile] noxie shared that was too amusing not to.
Do Gay Martians Have the Right to Marry?

I think the Star Trek reboot has been the first fandom to really tempt me to get back into writing. Unfortunately my memory of canon is kind of sketchy, so I'd need to find the time to watch TOS again.

Cut in case you haven't seen the ST movie )
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